Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed


As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are perhaps already aware that bathroom wall tiles can be glazed or non-glazed. There are of course many other variants, from materials to the specific physical composition of a tile. Ceramic tile is not one category as there are many types. While you should compare various materials, colours, sizes and designs, you should prioritise glazed bathroom wall tiles. This is not exactly a negotiable attribute if you wish for easier cleaning and effective maintenance. Continue reading “Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed”

Acknowledge the Real Problem behind Damaged Tiles before Replacement

Quality Tiles last a very long time. Some are stronger and more durable than others. Slate and porcelain will always remain more aesthetic and last longer than normal ceramic tiles. Yet, every type of floor will need some attention one day. When that time comes, you need to be sure of the exact problem at your hand and address it accordingly. Many homeowners simply replace damaged, worn out or just faded and unpleasant looking tiles as a part of their renovation spree. This is not wise in every scenario for you must understand why the tiles called for a replacement in the first place. Continue reading “Acknowledge the Real Problem behind Damaged Tiles before Replacement”

What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Tiles

Marble is both gorgeous and durable, used for centuries to build huge monuments and used most recently to accentuate beautiful homes. Traditional marble is shiny and polished, giving any space a unique, classy appearance that outlasts many other parts of the structure. Installation may be somewhat cumbersome, but maintenance is easy. Plus, marble floor tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Tiles”

How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be a great choice for floors and walls. Glass mosaic tiles look amazing as back-splashes in kitchens and dado in bathrooms. Other types of mosaic tiles make durable flooring. Glass tiles are not ideal for flooring because they are not the best in terms of slip resistance. Even if you choose glass mosaic tiles with rough surfaces and not a glazed finish, the anti-skid attribute would not impress you as much as some ceramic tiles such as porcelain. Regardless of where you wish to install some mosaic tiles, you must choose the perfect kind. Quality is always of paramount significance. Continue reading “How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tiles”

Tips for Perfect Installation of Kitchen Floor Tiles

kitchen tiles

Kitchen floor tiles have to be installed impeccably. Most problems stem from one of two usual issues. The first is obviously the quality of a tile chosen. The second is faulty installation. The best tiles can have problems if something went wrong during the installation. Every step of the way matters, right from the prepping of the floor to the sealing of the tile, if necessary given the material chosen. Here are a few tips for perfect installation of kitchen floor tiles. Continue reading “Tips for Perfect Installation of Kitchen Floor Tiles”

Pros and Cons of Cement Kitchen Tiles


Cement tiles have witnessed a sharp decline in their popularity in recent times. This is often attributed to the increasing popularity of ceramic tiles, including porcelain. Cement tiles are still popular among homeowners who prefer a distinct flooring option. You cannot really compare cement tiles with ceramic tiles or even natural stone because there are amazing patterns and designs that can completely transform your home. If you are considering cement kitchen tiles, then you ought to know their strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Cement Kitchen Tiles”

Choose the Right Type of Porcelain Kitchen tiles

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Porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic and glass tiles. It is actually unfair to compare glass and porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic tiles cannot be compared in a generic manner because the former is a subtype of the latter. Porcelain is a kind of ceramic tile. The composition of an ordinary ceramic tile can be identical or very similar to that of a porcelain tile. However, a porcelain tile is exposed to much higher temperatures than what ordinary ceramic tiles are fired at. This process is significant because it is the most consequential difference. The exposure to higher temperatures increases the density of the minerals in porcelain tile and hence the material becomes much more nonporous. Kitchen tiles have to be nonporous. They may not have to be as nonporous as those in the bathrooms but must be as close as possible. Continue reading “Choose the Right Type of Porcelain Kitchen tiles

Choosing Floor Tiles is a Balancing Act

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There are various types of floor tiles. If the plethora does not perplex you, then the specific attributes definitely will. You can always have a few personal preferences and some practical compulsions. What you cannot have is an impulsive assessment. You have to choose the best floor tiles for your room, not for your house but for the specific space you are considering. You cannot settle for the tiles that are apparently the best for another property. You must choose the most relevant attributes depending on your own needs. Here is a brief explanation illustrating why choosing floor tiles is a balancing act. Continue reading “Choosing Floor Tiles is a Balancing Act”

Answer these Questions before Finalising Wall tiles

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Wall tiles are not exposed to as many threats and impacts as floor tiles. That doesn’t mean you can compromise on sturdiness or durability to save some money. Wall tiles must be just as strong. But it is true in theory that wall tiles, be it backsplashes or dados or just decorative tiles on the walls, can be slightly less strong than floor tiles. Most homeowners focus on the design, material, size and colour of the tiles for their walls. The cost is obviously always in consideration. Beyond these imperative factors, you should answer these questions before you finalise the tiles for your walls. Continue reading “Answer these Questions before Finalising Wall tiles

kitchen tiles

kitchen tiles

When it comes to the materials that you’ll have in your house, there are all sorts of different materials, many of which sometimes depend on precisely what you’re hoping to have inside of it. It’s essential to realise what’s important from top to bottom, but otherwise, you’re going to run out of those situations where there are individuals that fully realise what it takes to assemble the right individuals. This is what separates someone from outside looking into another area. This is so essential to realise because there are those with kitchen tiles that can’t stop them in an efficient manner. So what should you bother to put inside of the kitchen should you really bother to have kitchen tiles. Continue reading “kitchen tiles”