The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

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You will come across different warranties for bathroom wall tiles. Five years or so is the least you should expect. There are many brands that offer ten years of warranty but only on material or manufacturing defect and labour, which covers professional installation by a licensed and certified technician. Very few companies offer over ten years of warranty. Ten years or so may seem to be enough but the durability should not be assessed accordingly. Continue reading “The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

Understand the Composition of Mosaic Tiles

There are two types of mosaic tiles. One is composed of tesserae and the other is made of pebble mosaics. It should be noted that neither is any type of design or simply an aesthetic pattern made with colours and other treatments. There is a type of mosaic tiles that can be ceramic, vitreous or porcelain among other materials wherein the pattern emulates the kind of intricate detailing and grandeur of the traditional variant of such a type of flooring. These are simply designer tiles. Even if brands use the term mosaic, it is not so if there is a large or small slab of a particular material. Continue reading “Understand the Composition of Mosaic Tiles

Choose Waterproofed Bathroom Floor Tiles


There are many types of bathroom floor tiles, not just regarding the type of material, shape, size or design but also the attributes. It is inadvisable to choose normal floor tiles for any space that gets wet such as a bathroom or utility area but not everyone opts for antiskid or non-skid tiles. It is imperative to choose non-skid tiles. However, it is not necessary to choose textured tiles. There are antiskid or non-skid tiles that do not have textured patterns. Of course, you can choose textured antiskid bathroom floor tiles. Continue reading “Choose Waterproofed Bathroom Floor Tiles”

The Rationale for Small Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles cannot be as large as those on the floors of living room and bedroom. Every room or space has specific purposes and those utilities will determine the necessary attributes of the flooring material chosen. Bathroom is a wet room. The needs are naturally different. You can always opt for standard sizes of tiles for the bathroom floor and walls, but the precise wet area should have smaller tiles. It is best to go for miniature tiles or at least half the standard foot by foot size opted for in other rooms. A two square foot tile is often a nonstarter for a bathroom. Continue reading “The Rationale for Small Bathroom Tiles”

Assess the Effortlessness and Effectiveness of Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles must be cleaned in a timely manner. It is not imperative to clean them daily unless you are running a home-based catering business, or you have a commercial kitchen. Both floor and wall tiles in the kitchen must be cleaned routinely and hence the chore should be effortless. The effortlessness should not influence the effectiveness in any adverse way. The chore should be effortless despite being effective, so you can have a pleasant appearance all the time. Continue reading “Assess the Effortlessness and Effectiveness of Cleaning Kitchen Tiles”

Should Kitchen Floor Tiles be the Same as Those for Wet Rooms/Areas?


All properties do not have wet rooms. Bathrooms and utility areas may appear to be wet rooms, but they are not unless there is substantial waterproofing. A wet room is basically waterproofed. It is not just an area, space or room where you use water and other liquids. A kitchen is not a wet room. It can be, but most kitchens are not. Likewise, most bathrooms and utility areas are not wet rooms as per the definition. However, bathrooms and utility areas may have a certain degree of waterproofing or resistance to water. A property owner should not consider waterproofing and water resistance to be an identical feature. Continue reading “Should Kitchen Floor Tiles be the Same as Those for Wet Rooms/Areas?”

Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed


As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are perhaps already aware that bathroom wall tiles can be glazed or non-glazed. There are of course many other variants, from materials to the specific physical composition of a tile. Ceramic tile is not one category as there are many types. While you should compare various materials, colours, sizes and designs, you should prioritise glazed bathroom wall tiles. This is not exactly a negotiable attribute if you wish for easier cleaning and effective maintenance. Continue reading “Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed”

Acknowledge the Real Problem behind Damaged Tiles before Replacement

Quality Tiles last a very long time. Some are stronger and more durable than others. Slate and porcelain will always remain more aesthetic and last longer than normal ceramic tiles. Yet, every type of floor will need some attention one day. When that time comes, you need to be sure of the exact problem at your hand and address it accordingly. Many homeowners simply replace damaged, worn out or just faded and unpleasant looking tiles as a part of their renovation spree. This is not wise in every scenario for you must understand why the tiles called for a replacement in the first place. Continue reading “Acknowledge the Real Problem behind Damaged Tiles before Replacement”

What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Tiles

Marble is both gorgeous and durable, used for centuries to build huge monuments and used most recently to accentuate beautiful homes. Traditional marble is shiny and polished, giving any space a unique, classy appearance that outlasts many other parts of the structure. Installation may be somewhat cumbersome, but maintenance is easy. Plus, marble floor tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Tiles”

How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be a great choice for floors and walls. Glass mosaic tiles look amazing as back-splashes in kitchens and dado in bathrooms. Other types of mosaic tiles make durable flooring. Glass tiles are not ideal for flooring because they are not the best in terms of slip resistance. Even if you choose glass mosaic tiles with rough surfaces and not a glazed finish, the anti-skid attribute would not impress you as much as some ceramic tiles such as porcelain. Regardless of where you wish to install some mosaic tiles, you must choose the perfect kind. Quality is always of paramount significance. Continue reading “How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tiles”