Choose the Right Type of Porcelain Kitchen tiles

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Porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic and glass tiles. It is actually unfair to compare glass and porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic tiles cannot be compared in a generic manner because the former is a subtype of the latter. Porcelain is a kind of ceramic tile. The composition of an ordinary ceramic tile can be identical or very similar to that of a porcelain tile. However, a porcelain tile is exposed to much higher temperatures than what ordinary ceramic tiles are fired at. This process is significant because it is the most consequential difference. The exposure to higher temperatures increases the density of the minerals in porcelain tile and hence the material becomes much more nonporous. Kitchen tiles have to be nonporous. They may not have to be as nonporous as those in the bathrooms but must be as close as possible. Continue reading “Choose the Right Type of Porcelain Kitchen tiles

Choosing Floor Tiles is a Balancing Act

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There are various types of floor tiles. If the plethora does not perplex you, then the specific attributes definitely will. You can always have a few personal preferences and some practical compulsions. What you cannot have is an impulsive assessment. You have to choose the best floor tiles for your room, not for your house but for the specific space you are considering. You cannot settle for the tiles that are apparently the best for another property. You must choose the most relevant attributes depending on your own needs. Here is a brief explanation illustrating why choosing floor tiles is a balancing act. Continue reading “Choosing Floor Tiles is a Balancing Act”

Answer these Questions before Finalising Wall tiles

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Wall tiles are not exposed to as many threats and impacts as floor tiles. That doesn’t mean you can compromise on sturdiness or durability to save some money. Wall tiles must be just as strong. But it is true in theory that wall tiles, be it backsplashes or dados or just decorative tiles on the walls, can be slightly less strong than floor tiles. Most homeowners focus on the design, material, size and colour of the tiles for their walls. The cost is obviously always in consideration. Beyond these imperative factors, you should answer these questions before you finalise the tiles for your walls. Continue reading “Answer these Questions before Finalising Wall tiles