The Rationale for Small Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles cannot be as large as those on the floors of living room and bedroom. Every room or space has specific purposes and those utilities will determine the necessary attributes of the flooring material chosen. Bathroom is a wet room. The needs are naturally different. You can always opt for standard sizes of tiles for the bathroom floor and walls, but the precise wet area should have smaller tiles. It is best to go for miniature tiles or at least half the standard foot by foot size opted for in other rooms. A two square foot tile is often a nonstarter for a bathroom. Continue reading “The Rationale for Small Bathroom Tiles”

Assess the Effortlessness and Effectiveness of Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles must be cleaned in a timely manner. It is not imperative to clean them daily unless you are running a home-based catering business, or you have a commercial kitchen. Both floor and wall tiles in the kitchen must be cleaned routinely and hence the chore should be effortless. The effortlessness should not influence the effectiveness in any adverse way. The chore should be effortless despite being effective, so you can have a pleasant appearance all the time. Continue reading “Assess the Effortlessness and Effectiveness of Cleaning Kitchen Tiles”

Should Kitchen Floor Tiles be the Same as Those for Wet Rooms/Areas?


All properties do not have wet rooms. Bathrooms and utility areas may appear to be wet rooms, but they are not unless there is substantial waterproofing. A wet room is basically waterproofed. It is not just an area, space or room where you use water and other liquids. A kitchen is not a wet room. It can be, but most kitchens are not. Likewise, most bathrooms and utility areas are not wet rooms as per the definition. However, bathrooms and utility areas may have a certain degree of waterproofing or resistance to water. A property owner should not consider waterproofing and water resistance to be an identical feature. Continue reading “Should Kitchen Floor Tiles be the Same as Those for Wet Rooms/Areas?”

Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed


As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are perhaps already aware that bathroom wall tiles can be glazed or non-glazed. There are of course many other variants, from materials to the specific physical composition of a tile. Ceramic tile is not one category as there are many types. While you should compare various materials, colours, sizes and designs, you should prioritise glazed bathroom wall tiles. This is not exactly a negotiable attribute if you wish for easier cleaning and effective maintenance. Continue reading “Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed”