The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

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You will come across different warranties for bathroom wall tiles. Five years or so is the least you should expect. There are many brands that offer ten years of warranty but only on material or manufacturing defect and labour, which covers professional installation by a licensed and certified technician. Very few companies offer over ten years of warranty. Ten years or so may seem to be enough but the durability should not be assessed accordingly. Continue reading “The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

Understand the Composition of Mosaic Tiles

There are two types of mosaic tiles. One is composed of tesserae and the other is made of pebble mosaics. It should be noted that neither is any type of design or simply an aesthetic pattern made with colours and other treatments. There is a type of mosaic tiles that can be ceramic, vitreous or porcelain among other materials wherein the pattern emulates the kind of intricate detailing and grandeur of the traditional variant of such a type of flooring. These are simply designer tiles. Even if brands use the term mosaic, it is not so if there is a large or small slab of a particular material. Continue reading “Understand the Composition of Mosaic Tiles

Choose Waterproofed Bathroom Floor Tiles


There are many types of bathroom floor tiles, not just regarding the type of material, shape, size or design but also the attributes. It is inadvisable to choose normal floor tiles for any space that gets wet such as a bathroom or utility area but not everyone opts for antiskid or non-skid tiles. It is imperative to choose non-skid tiles. However, it is not necessary to choose textured tiles. There are antiskid or non-skid tiles that do not have textured patterns. Of course, you can choose textured antiskid bathroom floor tiles. Continue reading “Choose Waterproofed Bathroom Floor Tiles”