Acknowledge the Real Problem behind Damaged Tiles before Replacement

Quality Tiles last a very long time. Some are stronger and more durable than others. Slate and porcelain will always remain more aesthetic and last longer than normal ceramic tiles. Yet, every type of floor will need some attention one day. When that time comes, you need to be sure of the exact problem at your hand and address it accordingly. Many homeowners simply replace damaged, worn out or just faded and unpleasant looking tiles as a part of their renovation spree. This is not wise in every scenario for you must understand why the tiles called for a replacement in the first place.

Tiles have to be replaced if they are damaged, cracked, chipped, broken or completely worn out. Old tiles do not look even remotely as aesthetic as new ones. However, it is possible some of the problems apparent in your tiles are owing to issues with the floor, the subfloor to be precise. Sagging or bowing of the floor and rot or some kind of damage in the wood of the subfloor may be the actual cause of the damaged tiles. You can but should not go about replacing the old tiles with new ones. The new ones will become vulnerable to many problems sooner than later. You must fix the problem with the floor or subfloor, perhaps both.

Uneven flooring is not uncommon. Rotten or damaged subfloor is also common. A seasoned technician will always tell you if there is anything wrong with the floor or subfloor. Many homeowners do not think the issues need to be addressed and proceed with the planned renovation the way they want. This is not a pragmatic move as it proves too costly and also paves the way for avoidable hassles in the near future. Acknowledge the real problem before replacing your tiles.

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