Answer these Questions before Finalising Wall tiles

Wall tiles are not exposed to as many threats and impacts as floor tiles. That doesn’t mean you can compromise on sturdiness or durability to save some money. Wall tiles must be just as strong. But it is true in theory that wall tiles, be it backsplashes or dados or just decorative tiles on the walls, can be slightly less strong than floor tiles. Most homeowners focus on the design, material, size and colour of the tiles for their walls. The cost is obviously always in consideration. Beyond these imperative factors, you should answer these questions before you finalise the tiles for your walls.

• Ask yourself if the tiles you have chosen complement the light in your room. All rooms in your house may have similar lighting or every room may have a distinct ambience. There could be anything from chandeliers to recessed lights, pendant lights to flush or semi flush lights. Depending on the position of the room and its exposure to the outdoors, it may receive optimum natural lights or none at all. You shouldn’t just factor in the installed lights but also natural light. You will be surprised at how light reacts with tiles. Some tiles simply reflect all the light while some absorb most of the light. There can be unpredictable and often undesirable impacts on the lighting effect in the room if you don’t choose the right tiles.

• Ask yourself if the tiles will complement or suit new fixtures, furniture and appliances you may buy and install in the room. Whether you are picking wall tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, living room or utility area, you will probably buy something or the other to install in that space in the near or distant future. You cannot have the tile completely rejecting the aesthetics of that piece. This is why most homeowners opt for generic designs and neutral or safer colours.

• Ask the tile manufacturer or the installer if you can work your way around or with the tiles when you need to put something on the wall. You may want to hang a piece of artwork. You may need some installations into the wall or just along the wall. The tiles should be able to withstand such alterations.

• Consider the longevity of the aesthetics of the tiles. Tiles will show signs of ageing and they should be easily maintainable. How often would you have to attend to the upkeep of the tiles?

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