The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

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You will come across different warranties for bathroom wall tiles. Five years or so is the least you should expect. There are many brands that offer ten years of warranty but only on material or manufacturing defect and labour, which covers professional installation by a licensed and certified technician. Very few companies offer over ten years of warranty. Ten years or so may seem to be enough but the durability should not be assessed accordingly. Continue reading “The Ideal Durability of Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed


As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are perhaps already aware that bathroom wall tiles can be glazed or non-glazed. There are of course many other variants, from materials to the specific physical composition of a tile. Ceramic tile is not one category as there are many types. While you should compare various materials, colours, sizes and designs, you should prioritise glazed bathroom wall tiles. This is not exactly a negotiable attribute if you wish for easier cleaning and effective maintenance. Continue reading “Bathroom Wall Tiles Should Be Glazed”

5 Steps Simplifying the Process of Choosing Bathroom Wall Tiles

bathroom tiles

The variety of bathroom wall tiles is overwhelming. Every major brand has hundreds of options. It is easy for anyone to get perplexed and to even lose sight of what is more important. Some bathroom wall tiles can be so enticing that people end up spending much more than what they had decided or actually would be comfortable with. It is not possible to check out five hundred different bathroom wall tiles before choosing one. If you truly want to explore all your options, then the count would be so steep. Here are five steps that will simplify the process of choosing bathroom wall tiles. This approach may not work for everyone but will surely be of some help. Continue reading “5 Steps Simplifying the Process of Choosing Bathroom Wall Tiles”