How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be a great choice for floors and walls. Glass mosaic tiles look amazing as back-splashes in kitchens and dado in bathrooms. Other types of mosaic tiles make durable flooring. Glass tiles are not ideal for flooring because they are not the best in terms of slip resistance. Even if you choose glass mosaic tiles with rough surfaces and not a glazed finish, the anti-skid attribute would not impress you as much as some ceramic tiles such as porcelain. Regardless of where you wish to install some mosaic tiles, you must choose the perfect kind. Quality is always of paramount significance.

• You should determine the size of mosaic tiles even before you begin shopping. If you are completely unaware of the sizes such tiles are available in or you are not sure the available options, then you must go for the smallest ones in a given design or pattern. The smaller a piece of glass, the easier it is to manage and more effectively it shall adhere to the base. Glass mosaic tiles are anyway small. Cement or concrete mosaics are larger. You can always opt for cement mosaics for your floors and the size you choose can be anywhere from six or eight inches to over two feet. The pattern will determine the size. In case of back-splashes and dado, wall tiles or murals, you should go for the smallest size for a particular design.

• It is quite enticing to choose different shades of glass for the same installation. People go for varying shades of a particular colour they prefer. It is also not uncommon to choose contrasting colours. This choice is tricky because you should be sure of the eventual outcome. You should actually see a design in place before you start mixing and matching colours. It is best to not combine sizes unless you have a larger design in mind. Murals demand different sizes, colours and of course designs but they are created holistically. If you are randomly choosing a set of mosaics, you must limit yourself to safe colour and design combinations, so the outcome is pleasing.

• Glass mosaic tiles need to be compatible with the wall or the base you have right now. Else, you need to factor in the transition necessary for the type of mosaics you choose. You should consult with an expert and refer a site inspection if required.

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