Choose Waterproofed Bathroom Floor Tiles

There are many types of bathroom floor tiles, not just regarding the type of material, shape, size or design but also the attributes. It is inadvisable to choose normal floor tiles for any space that gets wet such as a bathroom or utility area but not everyone opts for antiskid or non-skid tiles. It is imperative to choose non-skid tiles. However, it is not necessary to choose textured tiles. There are antiskid or non-skid tiles that do not have textured patterns. Of course, you can choose textured antiskid bathroom floor tiles.

Bathroom floor tiles must be water resistant. These are not exactly waterproofed. There is substantial difference between water resistance and waterproofing. A water-resistant surface will not hold on to moisture and shall repel liquids to an extent. Yet, a bit of moisture may be trapped in the seams and surface. It is possible the tiles will let some moisture to seep through the crevices. Therefore, bathroom walls get damaged by moisture or high relative humidity. Waterproofed bathroom floor tiles will not let any moisture to seep through. These are not ordinary nonporous tiles. These have additional treatments to make the entire tile waterproofed. Their installation too is different so there are no crevices to allow any seepage of moisture.

Waterproofed bathroom floor tiles have a much greater ability to repel various kinds of liquids and can be completely dry even when the relative humidity is quite high. Such tiles are naturally more non-skid or antiskid than those made to offer more resistance by the virtue of textures or treatments. Waterproofed tiles are used in wet rooms. Bathrooms are wet rooms and the floors and walls must be as waterproofed as possible. The best option is waterproofed bathroom floor tiles, not water-resistant tiles.

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