Choosing Floor Tiles is a Balancing Act

There are various types of floor tiles. If the plethora does not perplex you, then the specific attributes definitely will. You can always have a few personal preferences and some practical compulsions. What you cannot have is an impulsive assessment. You have to choose the best floor tiles for your room, not for your house but for the specific space you are considering. You cannot settle for the tiles that are apparently the best for another property. You must choose the most relevant attributes depending on your own needs. Here is a brief explanation illustrating why choosing floor tiles is a balancing act.

• You will need a certain type of tile that is hard enough for a given floor. Spaces that will have to endure the heaviest or maximum foot traffic will need the hardest tiles. However, these tiles cannot be too heavy. The weight of the tiles must be factored in and as per the type of construction your property has. Not every house is constructed using the same quality of materials. Some floors can endure lightweight tiles. It is not necessary for tiles to be heavy to be harder but the slimmest tiles are not exactly the hardest. A tile needs to have a higher mineral density to be harder. Higher mineral density inevitably means more weight. You have to balance the hardness and the weight of your floor tiles.

• You would also need to balance the antiskid or slip resistance feature and porosity. A tile that is more porous will always have more air holes on the surface and the mineral density would also be less. A tile that is treated to do away with all air holes on the surface will be less porous. However, such treatments also have a tendency to reduce the coefficient of friction, thereby making the tiles more slippery or less slip resistant. You need to find nonporous floor tiles that have textures or patterns and antiskid treatments. This is also a balancing act but quite easy to manage given the options available these days.

• Finally, you would need to balance aesthetics and maintenance. Floor tiles that look amazing are harder to maintain, that is if you wish to retain the visual splendour. Historically, floor tiles were textured and hued in a manner to emulate the natural surroundings so they do not look unclean when exposed to dust, sand and other natural miscreants. The more unnatural your tile looks, the more you will need to take care of it to retain its aesthetics.

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