A Comprehensive Overview of Metro Wall Tiles

‘Metro wall tiles’ is a bit of a misnomer but it is a befitting description. It is a misnomer because the specific type of tiles that get classified in this category are only suited for the walls. There are no metro floor tiles as such. The description is pretty self explanatory. Metro stands for contemporariness. These wall tiles have modern designs but there is also an attempt to recreate the aesthetics of yesteryears. The most popular type of all metro wall tiles is the design that emulates brickwork. Brick walls have rarely been left bare in homes or commercial properties for decades now. However, stylised brick walls are common. Many restaurants, pubs and livings rooms, in some cases bedrooms too, have one bare brick wall for that classic natural look. Metro wall tiles usually notch up such aesthetics.

• Metro wall tiles usually are polished or glossy. One may choose a satin finish as well. These are usually plain tiles, as in there are no uneven contours on the surface. The surface is smooth as a normal tile should be. Metro wall tiles are almost always installed indoors but in some cases people opt for an outdoor installation. Metro wall tiles are ideal for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, hallways and studies. They are perfect for conservatories. Metro wall tiles would also look great in bedrooms but not on all walls. There are enough colour variants. One could choose black, blue, green, cream, grey, red, white or teal. The ceramic and brick metro wall tiles are the most popular. They can cost as little as £15 – £25 per square metre or as much as £60 per square metre.

• Metro wall tiles are usually small, measuring about 20 cm by 10 cm. They could be smaller measuring 15 cm by 7.5 cm. Large metro wall tiles are very rare. This is primarily because the designs don’t have the same aesthetic appeal when every tile takes up a large space. These tiles can be installed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or to form polygons. Every way one can place a rectangular tile works well for metro wall tiles. The only task for a homeowner, tenant or a commercial property owner is to choose the right colour for a specific wall or room and to opt for the right finish for the setting. The rest doesn’t need much pondering or analysis, of course other than hiring the best installer in town.

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