Decorative Wall Tiles: Dos and Don’ts!

Decorative wall tiles are a great investment. They can immediately transform a given room, change the ambience and accentuate the setting. Decorative wall tiles can have a direct impact on the resale value of a property. It is one of the favourite home renovation projects of most homeowners. Given its cost and how simple the whole project is, installing decorative wall tiles is actually a pragmatic way to renovate a room or even to prep up a house for value appreciation and possibly a sale. However, there are certain rules that apply to decorative wall tiles. You cannot have random approaches. Here are some dos and don’ts of installing decorative wall tiles.

• You should have decorative wall tiles on only one wall in a given room. It could be the living room or bedroom, dining space or kitchen, basement or attic, garage or a man cave. Whichever room it is, only one wall will have decorative wall tiles. The other three walls, more or fewer depending on the layout of the floor and the room, can have normal tiles. The other walls can have decorative wall tiles but they should not be as aesthetically appealing or special as the chosen one. Only one wall can be highlighted for its special decorative wall tiles. Others should coexist peacefully contributing to the setting but never stealing or trying to share the limelight. Let one wall be the centrepiece or the star attraction among all walls with decorative wall tiles.

• The wall with decorative wall tiles must not have any frill on it. There can be a few photos, perhaps one or two and they should be truly special. There can be one item or two to enhance the décor but these items should not be run of the mill decorative pieces. They should be truly special. The bottom line is the decorative wall tiles should be the show stopper. Having any fixtures or amenities on the wall, any kind of object or installation that serves as a distraction or aberration is undesirable and it will defeat the whole purpose of using decorative wall tiles in the first place.

• Decorative wall tiles must have exposure to natural light through the day, there should be enough artificial light falling on the wall to avoid shadows and to ensure the design is easily visible, there should be no shelves, wardrobe or any kind of physical obstruction along the wall and all other walls must play a complementary or mildly contrasting role. No wall should try and accentuate the décor or contradict the design.

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