Everything you need to know about Rectified Kitchen Floor Tiles

You would come across various terms while shopping for kitchen floor tiles. You may already be familiar with ceramic and porcelain tiles. You will have to be familiar with vitrified and rectified kitchen floor tiles as well. Rectified tile is not a distinct material. Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles but there is a difference in composition. Rectified tiles can be ceramic or porcelain and there would be no difference in composition. The only difference is in its exact size and hence shape. Vitrified tiles are so named because of the vitrification process involved. Rectified tiles are so named because of the rectification process.

Rectified kitchen floor tiles can be ceramic or porcelain. These are precisely ground or machined to have perfect edges. The edges would be absolutely straight. There will be no finer contours or aberrations. There will be no irregularity in the shape of the tile. The tile will be of exact dimensions as claimed. Not many people know this but normal tiles are not of the exact dimensions that manufacturers label them as. There can be variation in exact sizes, even when you are essentially opting for the same size. The variation can be as much as a percent or up to two percent. Rectified kitchen floor tiles will have a clean and symmetrical shape.

The most obvious advantage of rectified kitchen floor tiles is the fact that they have an impeccable shape. All the tiles you pick will be of exact dimensions. This will help you to have the tiniest or narrowest grout line. When such tiles are installed properly, they look amazing because of the seamlessness. The entire floor will look even and the tiles would harmoniously sit next to one another. The floor of the kitchen will have sharp straight lines but since the grouts would be narrow, the whole appearance will be much more pleasant than what you can achieve with normal ceramic or porcelain tiles. Even vitrified tiles do not have as sharp or precise edges as rectified kitchen floor tiles.

There are some disadvantages too. Rectified ceramic or porcelain kitchen floor tiles are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts. Rectified tiles are difficult to handle as not every technician is familiar with the precise shapes. Laying the tiles can thus be complicated. There is the probability of the edges getting chipped if they are not handled with care. The sharp edges can rub against one another and the protruding surface can cause damage.

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