Natural Light & Ventilation should Influence your Choice of Kitchen Floor Tiles

Every structural component in a home needs to be selected based on a plethora of factors. Kitchen floor tiles are no different. It is natural to focus on the cost of kitchen floor tiles, the material and design, also the colour and size. All these factors are important but so are others. The type of kitchen, its layout and total area, the types of appliances installed, traffic or load that the tiles must bear and several other elements must be considered as well. Two important factors are natural light and ventilation. Here are the reasons why natural light and natural ventilation should influence your choice of kitchen floor tiles.

• Natural light has a direct impact on how the kitchen floor tiles look through the day. Nighttime cooking is anyway powered by artificial lights so the factor of natural light is only relevant for the day. Natural light impacts the appearance of the tiles, which will in turn affect how well lit or low lit the kitchen is through the day. It is no secret that a room with darker shades or very saturated colours tends to look appealing when rooms receive ample natural light. When rooms don’t get exposed to enough natural light, darker shades of paint or dark coloured tiles will look dull and less appealing. Many kitchens have small windows and usually only the cooking counter is well lit. Whether you are choosing kitchen floor tiles or backsplashes, the amount of light must be considered while picking the exact colour, pattern or design.

• How airy a kitchen is will also play a role. Natural ventilation is not a default reality for every home in the country. Many homes have ventilation systems and they are usually integrated with heating and cooling units. Natural ventilation or airiness is important as it will determine how dry or damp a kitchen would be. Kitchens with optimum natural ventilation will rarely have damp floors or moist backsplashes as they would naturally dry up to an extent. This has a direct implication on the extent to which kitchen floor tiles should be antiskid or anti-slip components. Some materials are also more susceptible to moisture and tend to remain damp longer. Such materials must be avoided if a kitchen doesn’t have enough natural ventilation.

These two issues are not widely discussed when it comes to kitchen floor tiles but they are significant and every home owner must factor them in.

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