What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Tiles

Marble is both gorgeous and durable, used for centuries to build huge monuments and used most recently to accentuate beautiful homes. Traditional marble is shiny and polished, giving any space a unique, classy appearance that outlasts many other parts of the structure. Installation may be somewhat cumbersome, but maintenance is easy. Plus, marble floor tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and colours.

5 Tips for Expert Installation

To properly install marble floor tiles, consider using these simple tips and tricks.

1. Always test the sturdiness of the floorboards underneath where the new tiles are due to be installed.
2. Marble floor tiles must be installed on a perfectly level surface. Check the slope carefully. Reinforce the floor if needed by securing a piece of plywood under the joists.
3. Use a thin-set mortar. Apply it on the floor and place the marble floor tiles on top and notch it with a durable trowel.
4. Use 1/16-inch spacers between each tile to ensure a perfectly smooth and even-looking finish.
5. Wait for the mortar to dry before sealing the tiles with a pH neutral sealer. Reapply the sealant once per year.

3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Sealer for Marble Floor Tiles

Tile floor sealers come in three main varieties. Choosing the best one for your new floor is an important step that should not be ignored.

1. Use Topical Sealers for Enhancement
Although resealing is required more frequently with topical tile sealers, their ability to quickly enhance the appearance of a natural stone floor is uncanny. Caution: slippery when wet!

2. Use Penetrating Sealers for Protection
Penetrating sealers are the best option for high traffic areas but also need to be applied rather frequently (every 8-12 months usually). This variety of sealer is excellent at repelling oils, liquids, and other staining agents though, plus it gives the floor a super luxe appearance. Caution: special cleaning solutions may be needed to avoid compromising the integrity of the seal.

3. Use Impregnating Sealers for the Best of Both Worlds
Impregnating sealers bond to the stone at a molecular level, meaning they innately protect the floor tiles from sustaining damage and/or becoming discoloured while also repelling oils and liquids better than any of the other options mentioned. However, impregnating sealers are the most expensive option, although they need not be applied nearly as often.

Enjoying your beautiful marble floor tiles is a privilege. Please be fabulous responsibly.

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