The Most Popular Type of Kitchen Wall Tiles

Not many people consider ceramic, vitrified or rectified tiles for their kitchen walls. Backsplashes have some unique demands and hence glass tile has become a widespread choice. Porcelain is a suitable material for backsplashes or dados but glass tile adds a distinct attribute that brightens up the kitchen in more than a literal sense. Glass kitchen wall tiles have some advantages and there are a few disadvantages. You ought to be familiar with the pros and cons to make an informed decision.


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Glass tile can help you to truly customize your kitchen. Glass tiles can become a pleasant distraction in your kitchen. People like the assortment of colors, different degrees of transparency, the bold designs and shades that are available. There are many types of patterns and of course sizes. You don’t need to go for a homogenous mix. You can pick and choose different types of glass tiles including styles, colors and sizes if you want. Your kitchen wall tiles have to be utilitarian and with glass tile you can also make a style statement.

Glass as a material will sparkle and shimmer. It will reflect some light and absorb some light. This whole toying with the light creates an amazing effect in the kitchen. Glass kitchen wall tiles also create a sense of spaciousness. They can make smaller kitchens look larger than they are. The material would also make the kitchen brighter. Glass is also resistant to dust, mildew and other stains that you cannot avoid in a kitchen. Glass is hypoallergenic. It is easy to maintain. One wipe with a clean piece of cloth and the surface would be clean. The cleaning is actually effortless if you can find a harmless but effective cleaning liquid. There is no dearth of glass cleaning sprays and other solutions.

Glass can be recycled so it is eco friendly and it is stylish. But it is also expensive. Ceramic will be much more affordable, although heavy. It is also quite tricky to install glass kitchen wall tiles. While glass kitchen wall tiles would stand the test of time after they are installed, the tiles can be quite fragile as standalone pieces. One must handle them with care. The precision of the installer will also come at play because it is easy to go wrong with the actual installation process. Glass tile is not very easy to repair so you may have to replace the ones that get cracked or have too many scratches.

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